[TEAM] Classic Teams for pes 2020 PS4


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22 Settembre 2016
most accurate classic option file !

download links updated: some faces, fluid formation, new legends of Data Pack 7

- most careful faces, body physics, motions, accessories, etc that I can make or find from others built.
- most careful kits that I can make or find from others built
(adjusted every single kit color to Konami standards with game brightness and contrast)
(adjusted every single kit in term of collar, fonts(size/type/position) carefully to make them same to real one as much as possible)

if Konami release new legands download links will be updated by new exported teams as soon as possible.

updated after data pack 7.00
(download links updated and new Konami legends added although they are not in the videos)

download all of my classic teams together:

for detail and videos check my youtube channel (aliheidari2520) or following posts on this thread.

there is 11 classic clubs additional to last 9 classic national teams to fill PAS League I copied most of them to PLA League too ! because pes 2020 has region lock on stadiums ! and if you want freedom to choose all stadiums, you have to choose two teams from two different league (even in exhibition match !!) I didn't copy classic A.S.Roma and classic Iran to PLA League and instead, I put Barcelona 2004-2011 and Barcelona 1997-2003 there ... but the other 18 teams of PLA League will be same to PAS League. (some of teams have 1 or 2 new kits and some of them have whole kits new! but the players are same) whatever I already made is free, but if anyone has a request for a certain face (his own face or his favorite player or ...), I can do it for €3. (same for kit request) send an email to me to ask face/kit request: aliheidari2520@gmail.com

(download links updated and new Konami legends added although they are not in the videos)

links for download a single team is below of each video (if you open it in a new tab)
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